Dramatics & Poetry Recitation

Inter-House Dramatics are conducted in English, Hindi and Punjabi regularly. Workshops are also conducted to improve the skills of the students.

Treks & Tours

Treks and Tours are an integral part of the school curriculum.

At SGADPS the aims and objectives of organizing Treks/Tours/Camps are to:
• Inculcate the spirit of adventure and comradeship
• Instill self-confidence and an attitude of self-reliance.
• Foster qualities of leadership.
• Develop self learning and observation.
• Promote learning through travel, recreation and enjoyment.
• Take a break from the hectic routine of the classroom.

Here at SGADPS we firmly believe in the words of Thomas Fuller - “He that travels much knows much”.

Music & Dance

Life is celebrated in the music hobby.

From the first step of a toddler to negotiating all those contours of a dance performance – evolution of humankind on a mini-scale. Dance – the natural heir to music. And, thus the hobby.

Nature Club & Gardening

One of our earliest acquaintances, besides mother, is with nature.

The passion and pursuit grows, in the hobby, in the close proximity of plants and trees, sheltering us from all evil with their benign presence.

A slightly rugged cousin of the nature club hobby. Squatting on the ground to till the soil

grappling with allkinds of tools and implements, and seeing life in all its starkness and nakedness, is what this hobby is all about.